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13th April 2021 
About Time to Heal. Serenity

The Journey

About Time to Heal and the multi-discipline approach to healing.

I designed this system of healing through my own life story, where I have experienced each discipline individually and over the past thirty years I have had the opportunity to incorporate them very successfully to my own life and those of my clients. The method seeks to allow people to see themselves at a very deep level and really enjoy changing. Their fear literally disappears. Thats not to say that life doesn't throw curve balls but they accumulate a very handy toolkit to use with each life change or life event.

What Conditions Can it Help?

The primary premise is to facilitate change at all levels, and although clients may present with a specific request, such as "I would like to stop cutting myself; vomiting; buy a pretty dress for my prom; stop smoking; lose weight; change jobs; get a divorce each session is designed to landscape an awareness which is useful to create new horizons through gentile encouragement and self healing .

What Benefits can be Expected?

Each story is very different, however, the overall comments include "I feel so different even after the first session; Im so grateful that I took the time to work on myself: I never thought I could get eight hours sleep and Im overwhelmed by my success that I can fit into my dress for my sons wedding. The success is in the self belief and personal growth of each client. As I always say there is a miracle in everyone.