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13th April 2021 
Typical Session. new beginnings

What can I expect

The first session is conducted by way of an introduction to the science behind how the brain works; the importance of serotonin and I personally like to explore the clients story. The general focus is about solution and not the problem. This is an important part of relaxing the client and often it also helps in future sessions to create a well sequenced environment, allowing for extra relaxation and often a deeper healing experience.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
Story telling is an important feature in the sessions as the mechanism of trance. "Hypnosis or trance is a very natural, relaxing state, encouraged by using guided relaxation, where the mind can relax and then focus on thoughts and suggestions that might be useful" (AfSFH). There is a natural sequence of hypnotherapy, which allows the client to be apart of their own story. For example if sleep deprivation is the presenting issue, then the story is designed to create a safe and secure bedtime ritual. The session is recorded and then the client can use this as a regular support every night before sleep.

Mindfulness Meditation
As the client becomes more familiar with the session. They are introduced to mindfulness meditation. This practice is used as a extra tool to create calmness and a clear mind to create the changes the client wishes to make. The breathing technique is gentle and easy to use at any time of the day to create an awareness.