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17th May 2021 
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Is there something in your life right now which you need to change, drink a little too much, not getting enough sleep, always angry, finding those extra few pounds remain. Online face to face therapies based in central London, such as hypnotherapy ; psychotherapy and mindfulness practices are all excellent tools to facilitate changes which will serve you and create the best version of yourself.

Living or working in central London can be haven of excitement or a extra suitcase of life hassles. Particularly now more than ever, as lockdown eases the sense of "what does the future hold", plays heavily on the minds of most people, it can be particularly challenging navigating the new normal in the city. Tools such as taped hypnotherapy sessions can be a great companion, supplied as part of the online face to face session, to ease the pressure and increase the pleasure of the commute, or after a long day at school, home or the office. Mindfulness practices can also create an imaginative landscape and encourage other members of the family that "time out" creates harmony for all.

The face to face online experience is proving to be as effective as the in person sessions right now. Lockdown facilitated a change of heart and change of approach, for both my clients and myself. I have been blown away by the success of these sessions and the feedback remains positive and possible. The face to face online session allows the client to be safe in their own home, or at their favourite coffee shop. It is a versatile, safe and secure link between my self and the client and the added advantage right now is that we do not have to wear the impersonal attire, scrub ourselves constantly, which is now obligatory for practitioners.

Spanning several decades as an holistic therapist I have experienced and practised many forms of healing. I am now passionate and successful in treating :


An area which has become increasingly evident over these past few months, is self harm in adolescents. Self harm tends to take the form of eating disorders, cutting, experimenting with drugs or dark thoughts around suicide. Parents and young adults alike often find it very difficult to navigate the extremely stressful and complex arena of adolescence. The level of communication can create mixed messages on both parts, so the frustrated young adult often disappear into the world Instagram, Snapchat; and Facebook. Platforms, although can be remarkable can also create huge expectations of what they should be like and can lead to self harm practices. My own newly emerging face to face, online platform, based in Central London, can bring a safe and secure environment for a young person to confide in. The face to face online platform enhances their confidence because they feel listened to and their concerns heard without judgement. The bubble of the face to face online screen is a familiar friend and so I am able to provide them with small steps to change and they begin to see themselves as worthy and vital people. As one wonderful young woman said "I like the mirror again".

My practice is a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach:
.......... hypnotherapy
.......... psychotherapy
.......... mindfulness.

The practices of hypnotherapy; psychotherapy and mindfulness are taught to create a well rounded daily tool box.

ONLINE FACE TO FACE HYPNOTHERAPY based in central london, is a skilled communication aimed at directing your imagination in a way that helps elicit changes in some perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts and behaviours. My approach as a face to face online therapist based in central London is to explore the possibility of creating alternatives or design new goals.

During my time in South Africa I was privilege to meet and work with many healers. Their methods and ethical codes have taught me that the therapist should always demonstrate an ability to allow the client to grow if they want to and if they feel stuck encourage them to gently move forward. There are many stories I have had the honour to walk through. One of the main headlines is happiness, change and opportunity are possible.

THE PRACTICE OF MINDFULNESS is a ancient method which " includes an enormous treasure chest of tools and strategies to help us untangle anxious feelings so we can access calm and mental clarity. Some mindfulness exercises can be done with your eyes open, while walking, or even with other people" ( The advantage of being able to access an online face to face therapist based in central London, is two fold, its safe (social distancing and effective infection control) and practical (each practice taught in a step by step way), therefore allowing immediate understanding and interpretation.

My therapeutic ethos and face to face online sessions do not exclude conditions, and I am always open to that first conversation to rediscover the sparkle; the miracle moments which may have been forgotten.